In addition to the fabricating and erection of steel framed buildings, Steel Fab also produce CAD drawings, and prepare the groundworks for sites. Often new structures are required to join with existing buildings and require traditional construction work. On occasions some equipment when not in use can be hired and Steel Fab have regular trips to the galvaniser and get your steelwork galvanised too.

CAD Design

Every Steel Fab building has a CAD drawing produced. It ensures the structure is designed to optimal requirements and provides measurements of guage, length and bolt work for accurate steel fabrication. All customers receive a drawing to show how their building will be constructed. It is at this stage that the customer can fine tune the best positioning for doors, rooflights etc.


Almost all installations will require site levelling and preparation. The Steel Fab team are experts at groundwork and will ensure the site is best utilised for easy access and efficient construction. Footings are accurately measured and positioned to the required tight tolerances.


Steel Fab are often required to join new steel buildings to existing buildings, so their ‘Fab’ team are well trained in a range of construction techniques.
Concrete flooring options include: power floated, grooved, tamped and brush finishes. Drainage channels and levels are accurately measured and skillfully constructed.
Safety netting and guard rails are required by law on most installation and Steel Fab also offer this service to other construction companies and individuals for safe working practices. Contact Gareth or Tracy with your enquiry and they will recommend a solution and give you a price.

Safety guard rails

Equipment Hire

Not every piece of equipment is in use for all installations, so Steel Fab also offer a hire service. This is not a comprehensive list as new replacement equipment is regularly purchased. Contact Gareth or Tracy with your hire request and hopefully they will have the item you require and can let you know availability and pricing.

  • 3.2 tonne Kubota excavator
  • Power float – ride on (36″x2)
  • Power float – 36″
  • Power float – 24″
  • Cherry picker – max 22′
  • Scissor lift – max 15′
  • Wacker plate – 80cm width
  • Ride on compacting roller – 1.2m
  • Auger – 30cm – for Kubota excavator
  • Pecker – for Kubota excavator


Steel Fab make regular journeys to the special galvanising works, delivering steel frames and parts for galvanising, and collecting ‘shiney’ completed pieces ready for installations.
Why not make use of Steel Fab’s buying power and have your own metal works galvanised too. Just drop Gareth or Tracy an email with your enquiry and they will give you a price.