Steel Fab buy in large quantities of steel, wood, cladding, rooflights and associated nuts, bolts and brackets etc. to produce the range of steel framed buildings. We also manufacture steel framed building kits and supply steel, wood and parts for self build projects and repairs to existing buildings.

Here are some examples of the type of products we either keep in stock or can add to our next order for quick delivery.

Steel beams

If you already know the beam specification and measurements you require, then drop us an email to request a price. Don’t forget to let us know if you want it delivered or will be collecting from our Lampeter works.
Alternatively, give use the details of how and where it will be used and we will calculate the stress loads and recommend the correct steel beam.

Timber beams

Structural grade timber beams are essential to meet load bearing specifications, so we select only the best grades for our structures.
Email the sizes you require and we will add your beams to our next order. We can deliver or you can collect from Lampeter. Please ensure you arrive with a vehicle or trailer that complies with DVLA safe transportation guidelines.

Cladding and rooflights

The most popular roofing product is concrete fibre sheeting and long life rooflights. Painted steel cladding is commonly used for side cladding and more recently wood planks are becoming a popular eco-friendly and visually attractive option.
Even though we keep a large supply of cladding, most of that stock is for on-going projects. Simply place an order with us via email or give us a call to discuss the best product for your needs.

Nuts, bolts, brackets etc.

We keep a variety of quality nuts & bolts for structural purposes and some standard gate hinges and attachments. However, we can also custom fabricate specialist hinges and brackets to suit non-standard purposes. Various roofing self tapping screws and cladding fixings are available.
Even though we keep a large supply of accessories, they are mainly for on-going projects. Simply place an order with us via email and we will prepare your order.