Case studies

Here are a few examples of some of the projects Steel Fab and designed, fabricated and erected. These case studies give some of the reasons why steel framed buildings are great solutions to meet the customers requirements and fit within budget.

Slatted wood cladding

This is a great example of how a large steel framed building with wood cladding can be used in a less industrial situation. A wide opening can be achieved with steel framed construction.

Multiple entrance implement shed

This large expansive shed complex required a number of openings for machinery and stock. Steel Fab were able to include different width and height openings for specific uses.

Stock shed with side and rooflights

This is a typical agricultural shed with precast concrete lower sides and many windows and roof lights to provide more daylight for livestock.

Industrial vehicle building

Dalton’s ATVs

This industrial unit (supplied in the customer’s corporate red) provides uninterupted floor space inside for easy vehicle manouvering. No internal pillars and a smooth concrete floor.